A Quick Checklist for Buying Security Window Screens for the Home

Security window screens are not like standard window screens; security screens are made of a tougher, more rugged material that you cannot easily bend out of place. They also lock into their frame and may have a smaller mesh so that someone cannot put a pry bar or cutting instrument through the material. The smaller mesh may also offer more privacy inside when the drapes are open. When you’re ready to have security window screens installed in your home, note a quick checklist you’ll want to follow to ensure you get the right type for your needs. Gauge of wire for mesh The gauge of the mesh wire will tell you how strong it is; it’s good to look at Read More

Avoiding a common mistake in fibre network installation

The network landscape has been subject to significant changes in the recent past, and companies need to install high-performance network installations to support a host of different operations. As a result, many businesses are investing in fibre-optic network infrastructure and this has generated a sense of urgency in terms of making the upgrade. Even though it may be alluring to move quickly to deploy fibre networks, careful planning helps avoid major problems along the way. This article looks at one such major problem when businesses rush into deploying fibre networks. The assumption that fibre-optic is exclusive One of the major problems that companies face when they hurry to deploy fibre networks is assuming that optical equipment is rather exclusive to Read More

What to think about when installing a window security screen

Security window screens are excellent additions to the windows in your home to ensure protection against intrusion. They can also raise the value of your home, as it will become more secure with security screens fitted to the windows. It’s important that the security screens are fitted and installed exactly right, as their functionality might decrease if they are crooked or only loosely attached. In order to make sure your window security screens are properly installed, there are a few things you should think about. Enough space on the panels The first thing you need to make sure of is that your windows have flat panels on all sides, as these are the kinds of panels that are needed in Read More

Ways to Add Security to Your Home While Still Enjoying the Space

Far too often, homeowners are faced with the dilemma of how to add security to their house without taking away from their enjoyment of any space; adding oversized security cameras and a tall fence can sometimes make a property seem like a prison, and you don’t enjoy being there no matter how safe you make your home. The good news is that there are many ways to add security to your home while not taking away from its appearance or from your own comfort; note a few of those ways here. 1. Get a coded keypad If you’ve given out keys to people such as a neighbor who will water your plants when you’re gone, even if those keys have Read More