Considerations When Hiring A Security Guard

Posted on: 30 June 2022

Security guards are a suitable choice when you need to enhance your security. The professionals protect you from many risks ranging from assassinations, kidnappings, stalking, and internet bullying. Suppose you intend to hire a security guard for your personal protection. What would you consider? Continue reading for some insights. 


Your immediate concern would be the guard's competence. Remember, slight errors in their judgement could put your life at risk. Below are some questions to inquire about. 

  • Do they have any military or paramilitary training and experience? Although not mandatory, it provides the expertise to analyse and react to the various security threats.
  • Is the guard certified by security associations? It is an indication that they observe professional standards.
  • What is the guard's speciality? For example, if you intend to travel to war-torn regions, you might need a guard with local contacts and some experience with the political happenings in the area.
  • What kind of weapons can the guard handle? You need a guard who can handle military-grade weapons if your enemies pose a significant threat. 

Ability to Work in a Team

In most cases, you will have more than one guard working for you. Given that the hired individuals do not have prior working history, it would be wise to assess their ability to work in a team. For example, you could contact their previous employers or conduct a personality test to gauge their communication and people skills. A functional security system has a chain of command. Ideally, the team must obey orders from their commanding officers. Therefore, check whether the shortlisted officers respect authority. 

Security Philosophy 

Examine the guard's security philosophy. For instance, how do they categorise threats? Ideally, the guards should examine your personal, social, and business life to establish the security threats you could face. For instance, if you are a celebrity, your fans could stalk you at your home. On the other hand, if you are a politician, there is a probability that people who do not support your views will threaten you physically or on social media. This thorough analysis prevents the guard from dwelling on the obvious risks such as theft. Instead, they initiate mitigative measures aimed at improving your all-around security. 

Terms and Conditions

Start by inquiring about the guard's availability. For instance, do you need round-the-clock security? If you do, consider security guards who are willing to work during odd hours. If you travel internationally, check whether the guard has the required paperwork and if their personal engagements prevent them from travelling outside the country.