Essential Facts for Homeowners to Know About Security Screens

Posted on: 13 April 2021

Home security gadgets, such as security cameras, sensors and alarm systems, might not be adequate to ward off burglars. In this sense, physical barriers such as security screens are installed on external doors and windows can help stop home invaders. Besides, security screens enable homeowners to leave their windows open at night without fearing potential intruders. The screens also add to the privacy that most homeowners seek. This post highlights essential facts about security screens.

Fire Egress Feature

Fire safety is a critical aspect regarding the security of doors and windows. Many people find it difficult to evacuate a house during a fire incidence due to elaborate security measures, which might cause home occupants to die or get severe burns because of delays in evacuation. As much as a security screen door protects home occupants from external threats, it should also protect them from internal risks, such as a fire. Buy a security mesh with a fire egress feature, which helps occupants get out of a burning home as fast as possible. An egress mounting feature allows quick and easy opening of a door or window from the inside for a faster exit. Besides, the feature should be user-friendly for older people and children.

Strength and Durability

Not all security screens are created equally. High-quality security screens are made from stainless steel, which is highly resistant to punctures and cuts. The tight-weave mesh can resist impact from burglary tools, such as crowbars, rocks and knives. The sturdiness and durability enable first responders to arrive on-site when a threat is still outside your home. Also, a screen should be welded to a frame to provide extra durability and strength. Besides break-ins, strong security screens withstand rocks and golf balls, which are likely to damage glass doors and windows. In this regard, security screens reduce the cost of repairing and replacing glass windows and doors.

Fresh Air and Security

The hot summer weather calls for homeowners to crank up their air conditioning systems 24/7. The cost of cooling a home can be substantial when an AC is left to run throughout the day. Therefore, installing security screens on doors and windows might help occupants leave such fixtures open to allow fresh air to circulate into a home. You don't have to worry about any uninvited people entering your home at night just because you left your windows open. Besides, opening windows and doors at night can reduce the cost of heating your home.

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