Ways to Add Security to Your Home While Still Enjoying the Space

Posted on: 21 April 2016

Far too often, homeowners are faced with the dilemma of how to add security to their house without taking away from their enjoyment of any space; adding oversized security cameras and a tall fence can sometimes make a property seem like a prison, and you don't enjoy being there no matter how safe you make your home. The good news is that there are many ways to add security to your home while not taking away from its appearance or from your own comfort; note a few of those ways here.

1. Get a coded keypad

If you've given out keys to people such as a neighbor who will water your plants when you're gone, even if those keys have been returned, your home security may be at risk. Those keys can easily be copied so that someone can break in when you're away. To protect your property and yourself, get a coded keypad. This requires a code to open, and some work with a biometric device, meaning they require a fingerprint in addition to the code. Coded keypads are very small and usually fit right next to your entryway doorknob, so they don't seem overwhelming or too obvious.

2. Plant prickly shrubs

To discourage thieves and intruders from entering the home through the first-floor windows, plant prickly shrubs or rosebushes all around. A thief might not enjoy getting scratched and cut in the time it takes him or her to try to pry open the windows and may move on to another target.

3. Install portable alarms around windows and doors

Portable alarms come in two pieces and each piece communicates with each other through a small signal. When that signal is broken because of one piece being moved out of place, an alarm is sounded. These can be placed on window frames and on doorjambs so that they sound if someone were to open a door or window. They're very small and unobtrusive and don't work with added wires or special codes or keypads, while still being very effective.

4. Install security screens

If you're worried about your security when in the home, install security screen doors. These are thicker and more sturdy than standard aluminum screen doors, and may have a keyed lock like your entryway door and even a thick deadbolt. They look very similar to standard screen doors while still providing a strong layer of protection against intruders.