How to Make Your Home More Secure in 2017

Posted on: 22 February 2017

Home security has been an important issue for many years in Australia. Although it is possible to make your home much more secure thanks to the large number of security products there are on the market, burglars are always developing new skills to get around them. Therefore, it is advisable to stay one step ahead of criminals and retain the advantage. What are the latest domestic security products to have hit the market, and how do they work?

Wi-Fi Alarm System

Home security systems should take advantage of the technology many people already have in their homes. This includes Wi-Fi which can be used to relay wireless messages to you about any potential problems in the home. Some modern Wi-Fi alarm systems are able to detect people with a camera when they turn up at your front door. This can help you to figure out if your home is being checked out by criminals, but it will also help you to deal with things like deliveries. Other Wi-Fi alarms have responsive door sensors which can be set to sound an alarm. Indeed, many packages of this type come with very loud sirens, which are enough to deter most intruders when they open a door fitted with such a sensor. Alternatively, consider the merits of a Wi-Fi system that offers email alerts when you are out while a third-party firm monitors your home for you in real time.

CCTV Cameras

Closed-circuit television has been around for decades and its take-up by homeowners in Australia is now commonplace. However, it should be said that developments in digital camera technologies continue to be made each year, so the quality of images is still improving. Even a low-cost security camera can be great for covering your home if it has a night vision capability. Wireless cameras are preferable because they can be moved easily inside the home to new locations. Finally, choose an internet-enabled digital camera which provides live streaming. Most cameras of this nature are able to provide live images straight to your smart device with an app that takes just a minute or two to download.

Cyber Security

With so much of people's lives online these days, home security should not be restricted to break-ins, but also cyber threats. Hackers can access your bank details, social media profiles and professional identity if you don't have adequate home cyber security measures. Domestic anti-malware and phishing software is a must for all homes these days. Most of the popular packages have been upgraded for 2017, so renew yours. However, you should make sure you stay informed about the latest cyber security developments regardless.