Safe and Secure: Why You Should Hire External Security for Your Event

Posted on: 22 August 2017

Especially if you're new to running events, it can feel like costs and stress are both extremely high.  Everything requires planning and then payment, and it can be difficult to prioritise which costs are necessary, and which can be cut back in order to protect your bottom line.  One place that some new event runners try to cut back on is external security.  If you have staff already hired to work the event, then it can be tempting to assume they'll be able to perform the task of security alongside their duties.  After all, security problems are rare, and it's the kind of bridge you can simply cross when it comes to it - right?

A Simple Necessity

Wrong.  Security is one of those areas you simply cannot afford to cut back on.  Issues may not happen often, but they can turn ugly very quickly - and when they do, you'll want qualified and experienced security guards to handle them for you.  After all, not only are your staff not trained in these difficult situations, but they are unlikely to have the immediate authority that a uniformed security guard can lend to a moment.  Besides, putting them into the fray may be putting them at serious risk of harm.

Peace of Mind - for You and Staff

No matter how difficult your costs become to manage, you should ensure you keep a portion of your budget aside for external security.  Having the peace of mind of knowing they're on hand to assist if necessary will eliminate a good deal of that aforementioned stress on the night - so while it may detract from your budget, it will also free up your mind and your focus to devote to keeping the event running smoothly, managing your staff, and ensuring that your attendees are having a good time.

A Visual Deterrent

After all, unfortunate though it may be, the kind of people who cause problems at events are likely to notice the conspicuous lack of security when they enter.  While the vast majority of people who attend are simply going to be there to have a good time or to focus on the event itself, some may be more committed to causing difficulties than you'd expect.  Having security there as a visual deterrent can sometimes be almost as effective as anything those external employees actually do.  Equally, they can have a really positive effect on your other guests; seeing security guards around the event shows that you're taking your attendees' safety and comfort seriously, and frees them up to simply enjoy the event you've arranged for them.

In short, you really mustn't leave it all to chance - for the sake of your attendees, your staff and yourself alike.  Let the security guards' uniforms speak for themselves, and let their training do the rest of the work if the situation should call for it.  You'll be glad you made the right choice, in case that ever happens.